Margaret Court calls fault: ABC maligned my beliefs

Margaret Court calls fault: ABC maligned my beliefs, by Greg Brown.

Tennis great Margaret Court says she felt maligned by the ABC for her religious beliefs and opposition to gay marriage in interviews to promote her book.

Court, a Perth-based Christian pastor, said the broadcaster was one-sided, barely touching on her church charity work.

She did 22 media appearances to promote her autobiography, including eight with the ABC, but said the national broadcaster was the only outlet that seemed to have an agenda.

“They weren’t really interested in my tennis much; all they were interested in was hitting my beliefs for standing for marriage between a man and a woman,” Court said. “I think we have to look at the fact this is happening, because it was not very nice in there — it was horrible, it was below-the-belt stuff.

“What has gone wrong? It used to be full of good religious programs … There was nothing about Christianity in my interviews, it was all on gay marriage.”

Typical of the ABC, promoting only the PC agenda. Another good argument for privatizing the ABC — there is a place in Australian media for a PC station, but the rest of us should not have to pay for it.