History’s Unexpected Guest

History’s Unexpected Guest, by Richard Fernandez.

It’s seems difficult to believe now, but the political establishment actually believed that enough spin, a sufficiently slick Narrative, an overwhelming number of celebrity endorsements and enough psychological manipulation could triumph over reality.  That enough thrust could make a barn door fly.

The idea was that the Narrative could beat the Facts, both now and however often it was called upon to do so.

The carbon dioxide theory of global warming is next, progressives!

As Iowahawk put it: “Hillary Clinton got her dream opponent, a barely literate reality show orangutan, AND SHE LOST TO HIM.”   There is something definitely wrong with Hillary and they may as well face it. …

The Hillary machine went up against the facts and the facts won.  It’s important to remember this lest Donald Trump’s advisers in his moment of triumph should think it was he that triumphed over the most awe-inspiring, G-damned, awesome, political machine that ever was.  He did well, but in the most the fundamental sense the facts won in the end.

Political correctness is by definition untrue, otherwise we wouldn’t bother with the “political”. Today, reality mattered for enough voters.