Generation snowflake: why millenials are mocked for being too delicate

Generation snowflake: why millenials are mocked for being too delicate, by Helen Rumbelow.

The term “generation snowflake” started in America. Parents cherished their offspring as “precious little snowflakes”, each alike but unique, or “everyone is special” as they sing in the cartoon South Park. When those smothered infants grew into adults they were lampooned by the same parental generation for melting at any small amount of difficulty. “Snowflake” is just a fancy word for “drip”.

They have spawned a new lexicon … “check your privilege”, “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”. …

Parents were appalled. They were desperate to be mates with their kids, but who was this priggish, alien species so brazenly ignoring the freedoms for which Mum and Dad had fought so hard? A bunch of bed-wetters, that’s who. Dangerous, anti-free speech, anti-democratic bed-wetters. …

I put it to her that the snowflakes are doing their own version of rebellion. “I want young people to rebel, but they are simply ventriloquising their parents’ and their teachers’ own fears,” she says. “They have been reared in a climate where safety must trump all else. They are not rebelling against that, they are taking it to its illogical conclusion.” ..

Typical snowflake response:

“By the way, generation snowflake is just a codeword for ‘generation that is far more aware of the widespread ramifications of racism and sexism’.”

The product of PC indoctrination, after the left’s long march through the educational institutions.

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