Youths raid Officeworks in South Yarra, stealing headphones and speakers

Youths raid Officeworks in South Yarra, stealing headphones and speakers, by Cassie Zervos.

RETAILERS are being urged to install CCTV and be on high alert after a brazen gang raided four Officeworks buildings across Melbourne, while terrified staff and shoppers watched on.

Fifteen youths of African appearance marched into the South Yarra store on Saturday afternoon and stole products including headphones and speakers.

Inspector David Griffin … described the crime as “brazen”.

“It’s certainly appears that they’re not too bothered about getting caught and certainly proud about what they’ve been doing,” Insp Griffin said.

“Witnesses stated that they were waving around stolen property about their heads, clearly very happy with what they had stolen.”…

The gang left the store cheering and holding their stolen goods above their heads, a witness said. …

Victoria Police confirmed there are investigations into brazen robberies on four Officeworks stores this past Saturday.

Been many reports of this happening in the US, by black youths, but this is the first I’ve herd of it in Australia. Bet we won’t hear about it on the ABC.

hat-tip Matthew