Are You Ready for Four Years of Ball-Busting?

Are You Ready for Four Years of Ball-Busting? by Jim Goad.

Many idiotic American voters pulled the lever for Obama in 2008, thinking he’d usher in a “post-racial America” rather than a “most racial America.” But instead of eight years of racial healing, we were bludgeoned with ceaseless disparagement of All Things White. If Clinton were to win, the focus will shift toward All Things Male.

Consider that women are four times as plentiful as blacks; it has been my experience that they are also 100 times more vengeful. …

The air is thick with misandry. Can you smell it? Angry women may put Hillary over the top in order that she can put men at the bottom. And it won’t be about equality—it’ll be about reparations.

Animosity between the sexes is natural rather than a “social construct.” It is so pervasive that it may be genetically hardwired. But in the current climate, such animosity is only being encouraged in one direction, while it is demonized in the other. When people talk about “sexism,” it’s as if galloping misandry doesn’t exist.

If you even remark on the double standard, they cackle that you’re a “scared little boy” and they’ve “touched a nerve.”