What was “bizarre” about One Nation’s presser today?

What was “bizarre” about One Nation’s presser today? by Andrew Bolt.

ONE Nation today gave a press conference to release a report attacking the CSIRO’s promotion of global warming.

But the News Corp reporter has given us not a report of this announcement but her opinion, shorn of any facts:

ONE Nation has made a bizarre climate change announcement….

So what did these three people say that this news report presents as evidence that One Nation made “a bizarre climate change announcement”?

Don’t know. You see, the report does not include a single extra fact on that claim than what I have reported. You must simply trust the reporter that the announcement was “bizarre”. …

This is not reporting. This is abuse.

Well spotted Andrew. We are perfectly accustomed to that in the climate change “debate”. This is how the warmist arm of the global elite pull the wool over the public’s eyes: little to no actual solid information, but lots of pejoratives and misleading reporting.

Senator Malcolm Roberts of One Nation is quite correct about this: there is no empirical evidence for the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. It is a model, and the crucial empirical evidence on water vapor runs the other way, showing the theory and models are wrong. Writing a book on it.