If Conservatives Lose

If Conservatives Lose, by Gavin McInnes.

What if Hillary wins? … Being a “true American,” as Bill the Butcher said in his dying words, is all about loss. Entrepreneurs have a dozen failures for every project that succeeds. It’s surviving those 12 blows that makes No.13 possible.

Bill Whittle:

They don’t need help on what to do when you win. You run around with your arms in the air and you feel like the king of the world. That’s easy. It’s the humiliation, it’s the frustration, the anger, the shame, the self-recrimination, the tendency to make excuses and blame others. That’s what we need help with.

What will conservatives do if Trump loses?

We are going to fight even harder to get this country back and we are going to fight dirty. When they go low, we are going to go lower. If they want to make it personal and ignore the facts, we’re happy to dive into the muck. The majority of the GOP refuse to do this and this is why they just became extinct. When Rush Limbaugh indicated that Sandra Fluke might be a slut for demanding birth control from a Catholic institution, conservatives were outraged he swore. Fuck them. We swear now.

We learned this from watching Trump and it’s a lesson that can’t be unlearned no matter who becomes president. He’s the centipede hatched from a dying GOP and we watched him go from an egg to a larva, past pupa and into the inevitable full-grown arthropod we see today. …

Not Romney.

When the Huffington Post said it was only covering Trump in the Entertainment pages next to the Kardashians, Trump responded with “I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man. He made a good decision.”

When Ann Coulter describes this moment in her book In Trump We Trust, she adds, “Imagine Mitt Romney doing that.” She’s right. It’s unfathomable. He was too wholesome and that’s exactly why he lost. Mitt never said “grab them by the pussy.” I don’t think he even knows the word. The man had zero skeletons in his closet, but that wasn’t good enough for America. They dumped him for being square.

Not Cruz.

So, evolution brought us Ted Cruz. The job of the president is to uphold the Constitution, and Cruz could recite it forwards and backwards. Unlike Romney, he had the balls to stand up to anyone and seemed to thoroughly enjoy conflict. He was dumped for being too ugly and boring.

But Trump.

This begot Trump. We went from a puritan virgin, to a virgin who can fight, to a dirty fighter on his third wife. If he loses, we will continue the life cycle and become a violent gang of dirty fighters. This is why, even if he loses, he won. Trump taught us that taking the high road doesn’t work. He taught us that intellect and decency and turning the other cheek get you slapped in the face.

But if Hillary wins?

Life in a post-Hillary America is about revenge. … The only thing holding us back was our own restraint and if Hillary gets elected, “the chains are off.”  … I realize I sound like a Social Justice Warrior right now and that’s because I’m about to become one: a Social Justice Warrior Warrior.