Dragging Rape Culture Through the Broken Glass

Dragging Rape Culture Through the Broken Glass, by Taki Theodoracopulos.

Rolling Stone is a magazine that should have died long before, or at least along with, Jerry Garcia. But its journalistic deflowering, and possibly its death knell, came in the form of an absurdly sensationalistic and patently false story of a gang rape at the “overwhelmingly blond” University of Virginia …

On Friday a federal jury decided that reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely, Rolling Stone, and Wenner Media acted with reckless disregard for the truth in the story “A Rape on Campus,” which was published late in 2014. University of Virginia administrator Nicole Eramo had sought $7.5 million in damages but can ask for a different amount. Next up: the defamed fraternity’s $25 million lawsuit against Rolling Stone. Here’s hoping they render that hippie dinosaur extinct.