Trump’s 1950s values vs. Hitler

Trump’s 1950s values vs. Hitler, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

Trump has fifties values, the decade in which he grew up. The culture of the 1950s really extended up to the year 1964, the year when the “1960s counterculture” is commonly said to have begun. Donald Trump turned 18 in 1964. …

During this period, there was hardly any immigration into the United States, and consequently it was a time when workers had a lot of power. Wages were rising for everyone, and a man could go to work right after high school and feel confident about having a better life than his parents. Marriage was the norm and out-of-wedlock births were rare. Crime was much lower than it is today and the police were respected (but at the same time there were fewer and less militarized police, and fewer people incarcerated). …

Trump is rare because he’s immune to the type of persuasion that has caused the vast majority of people his age to adopt the values of the present and forget about the values of their childhood.

It is the SJWs who are like Hitler, not Trump:

The typical view of left-wing social-justice-warrior types is that the post-World-War-II era was an evil era, full of racism and sexism. But I think it’s ironic that Trump is compared to Hitler because he has the values of post-World-War-II America which is the nation that defeated Hitler.

“My Grandfather did not fight the Nazi’s so that his grandson could be called a Nazi for having the same views as his Grandfather.”