Last Chance to Get Possible WA Party Registered

New Western Australian Political Party? See $38,000 cash for each lucky voter plus a chance to shame the Nats.

There is a proposal to increase a component of iron ore royalties from 25 cents per tonne to $5 per tonne. This $4.75 increase amounts to $38,000 per non-metropolitan voter over four years. The $38,000 should be paid direct to each voter in cash or card. Instead of being wasted by politicians on what politicians want.

The party is provocatively named “Westralians Royalties For Voters $38000 Cash.” There are no other policies. The party promises never to ask you for money, and never to disclose your membership.

If you are a Western Australian voter and want to give this a chance, enter your name and address at Must be by Monday.

Western Australia