Coup: U.S. Intelligence Waging Coup Against Corrupt Clintons

Coup: U.S. Intelligence Waging Coup Against Corrupt Clintons, by Steve Pieczenik, a former US Department of State official. The author’s definition of “coup” is not what you might imagine at first, but it is still pretty significant.

Have not confirmed this material, but it is not the sort of thing easy to confirm, by its nature. This guy’s background checks out, and his story jibes with our earlier post, NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case. Maybe these are just rumors.

Joanne Nova:

The completely unconfirmed but very interesting scuttlebutt is that the emails are staggeringly incriminating and the FBI re-investigation is being driven by whistleblowers within the US — specifically at the NYPD.

As I said before, books will be written about this week. Great movie plot. …

If the Clintons have been very naughty we would expect some of the patriots in the FBI and groups like the NYPD to be outraged and motivated to expose that — they risk their lives for their country and fellow citizens. That doesn’t mean the claims are true… but if the emails are incriminating, and players within both the NYPD and the FBI have copies it will be impossible to put this genie back in the bottle.

And we thought this election could not get any hotter.

Pieczenik served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger is well-versed in foreign policy, international crisis management, and psychological warfare. He also served under presidential administrations as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush’s White House. …

He explains that total corruption and co-option were the two strategies behind this coup. Pieczenik says Bill and Hillary Clinton co-opted many central facets of our government — the White House, the judiciary, the CIA, the FBI.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch seems to be in the pocket of the Clintons, intervening and obstructing FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s private server and e-mails at every turn. James Comey, who was on the board of directors at HSBC bank, a bank that gave $81 million to the Clinton Foundation, is also the current head of the FBI.

We can finally stop blaming Russians. Pieczenik states clearly that US intelligence offered data to Julian Assange.

hat-tip Joanne