Australia: We’re ready for a Trump, too

Australia: We’re ready for a Trump, too, by Peta Credlin.

Could Trump happen here? You bet…

In the US just like here at home, the middle class are being squeezed at every turn. … They are sick of big business which avoids taxes when they pay their fair share. They have had enough of ­political correctness being shoved down their throats: what to say and what to think.

They want their leaders to stand for something — to say what they’ll do and do what they say. They want the problems fixed and then they want government to let them get on with their lives rather than constantly find new ways to interfere and waste their money.

While they support immigration in principle, they don’t think enough care is taken about the people let in and they worry about safety in their communities and their family.

These concerns are real yet they’ve been dismissed by the same sniggering classes who told us we were environmental vandals if we worried about the cost of a carbon tax; that we were racist if we wanted an honest conversation about dysfunction in indigenous communities; that we were intolerant if we questioned gender education for primary schoolchildren; that we lacked compassion if we wanted boats turned back and an immigration program managed by the Australian government and not people smugglers.. …

When people say to me “there’s no way Trump can happen here”, I tell them they need to go for a drive outside their leafy suburb, find a pub, sit down in the front bar and just listen.

The candidates she offers? Pauline Hanson, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott, and Andrew Hastie. Perhaps Abbott, or Hastie in the longer term:

Long-term roughie. The former SAS officer is very young and has been in Parliament as the Liberal member for Canning for just a year, but already has made a mark and has the courage to take stands – rational and conservative stands that reject the media group-think.

He is far more thoughtful and well-read than many in the media stupidly assumed from a Christian from the army, and modest enough to know how much he must learn and the limits he can go right now before he’s seen as a spoiler. But watch out for him. His future, too, will be within the Liberals, not outside it.

Remember him saying he’d thrown away his Liberal talking points during the elections after talking to one of his constituents?: “It was at that point I realised that a lot of what we were campaigning on nationally just wasn’t resonating with everyday Australians. He couldn’t understand the reason for company tax cuts, he wasn’t earning enough to benefit from the increased tax thresholds and he wasn’t an innovator — he was just an everyday Australian who was trying to pay down his mortgage and look after his children and ensure they had a brighter future.” Watch out for Hastie.


Andrew Hastie in a previous life.

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