Trump’s two-minute final ad: “The Argument for America”

Trump’s two-minute final ad: “The Argument for America”, by Allah Pundit.

The audio comes, I believe, from the speech he gave three weeks ago attacking the cabal of international banks, corporate media, and assorted other elite “global special interests” that have colluded to “bleed America dry.” … That was five days after the “Access Hollywood” tape came out and just one day after the first story accusing him of sexual assault appeared in the Times.

My sense of the speech, which was the closest thing to a true alt-right rant he managed all campaign, was that he and his advisors (probably Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, the most ardent nationalists of the bunch) felt he had little left to lose by letting it all hang out ideologically after the scandal damage he had just suffered. …

Trump can talk off-the-cuff for half an hour about all the things he dislikes about the media and how unfairly they’ve treated him, but to put that in the broader nationalist context of “global special interests,” you need a Bannon or a Miller and a teleprompter.

That said, this spot is effective, especially since they excised some bits about the banks and the media. This plays now like a more generic populist attack on “the system” and its corrupt self-dealing administrators, embodied most notably by Hillary Clinton. This is exactly how you should frame your closing argument if you’re a candidate like Trump, who’s carting around tons of baggage. It’s not about electing him, supposedly, it’s about stopping them.

The argument for western civilization, more like. Most of it applies to all of the west.

If Trump wins, this speech will be seen as historic.