The Genocidal Left’s War Against Germany

The Genocidal Left’s War Against Germany, by Paul Weston.

As 2016 draws to a close, it is strange to think the mighty Germany of Otto von Bismarck, Kaiser Wilhelm II and yes, even Adolf Hitler, is drawing to a close. This powerful country that caused such historical fear and warmongering across Europe and the world is ending its once-belligerent days as a beaten, whimpering dog.

There will no resurrection such as we witnessed post-WWII as the shattered, defeated German people rebuilt their cities, their engineering works, their car factories, their economy and their spirit. The postwar miracle will never happen again, because German politicians are replacing their native population with a people who hold an altogether different attitude toward religion, law, women, democracy, tolerance and morality — not to mention precision engineering and disciplined study.

Germany will still exist of course, but only as a geographical entity. The German people, courtesy of the Left’s hateful destruction of the family and the Left’s love affair with mass migration and Islam, are being air-brushed out of existence before our very eyes. …

Demographics are destiny:

But demographics are about stark, brutal reality rather than liberal fantasy, and demographics are the main reason why Germany is doomed. Mark Steyn memorably stated: “The future belongs to those who can be bothered to turn up for it” which is of course absolutely and unarguably the case, and is why an Islamic Germany is now inevitable in the very near future unless there are momentous changes in the Western psyche.

30% of German women are childless, rising to 40% of those educated to degree level. Rather than tackling this feminist-induced catastrophe head on, the global Leftist establishment consisting of the UN, the EU and pretty much the entire German political and media establishment decided instead to import millions of Muslim migrants whilst overlooking the rather pertinent fact that Islam is a violent, supremacist ideology which seeks dominance over all non-Muslims….

By 2020, according to the German government, some 3-4 million migrants are expected to have entered Germany. … 75% of them (to date) are young Muslim males aged between 20-35 who, once established will then bring in wives from their original countries. Some … will bring in four wives with whom they might have up to 20 children, all paid for, housed, medic-aided and educated by the native German people who are essentially bankrupting their country in order to fund their racial and cultural extinction.

Over the next twenty years the old Germans will die off. The next generation down will retire and stop paying tax. Amongst the under-fives, 40% of “Germans” are already made up of non-European heritage. Out of a population of 81 million people, native German males aged 18-35 number only 6 million. By 2020, if the existing (mainly Turkish Muslim) non-native Germans are added together with the recent migrants, the projected migrants and further family re-unification, they will number 20 million. So by 2020, young German men will be outnumbered by young Muslim men in their own country. If this is pushed forward another generation, they will be a tiny minority. …

According to Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, 81% of the 2015 influx were totally unskilled, a mere 8% were in possession of the most rudimentary form of academic qualification and almost half-a-million would become welfare dependent. …

A longer video argument (14 mins):

Naturally the mainstream media are very noisy and concerned about the imminent changes, informing us all of what is going on. Not.

What sort of agenda is it at the ABC that spends hours of “news” time hounding Catholic Cardinal Pell over alleged minor misdemeanors decades ago, and nothing on the impending disappearance of the German nation? Is the ABC reflecting the left’s long and near-victorious fight with the Christian churches for power in society?

How can a welfare system this generous not be a honey pot:

Germany is a socialist country that pays a great deal of money to Muslim migrant families, and the more children they have, the more money they receive. The website Gates of Vienna has an astonishing video and transcript which breaks down these payments for a Muslim family with five children who receive, in various benefits, €7,000 per month. This is the equivalent of a gross wage for a working family of €11,000 [a yearly wage of A$190 k], which is clearly beyond the dreams of normal native German families. …

An enormous amount of money is being paid out to just one Syrian migrant, his four wives and 22 children … amounting to some €360,000 per annum.

Any response, Germans?

Germany will be completely destroyed as a people and a culture within ten to twenty years, maximum.

A growing number of Germans are slowly coming to understand this, even if they have yet to comprehend the youthful demographic apocalypse. A recent poll suggested … nearly two-thirds say the religion of Islam has no place in their country.

All across Germany, a country with some of the most stringent gun-control laws in Europe, demand is skyrocketing by up to 600% for non-lethal self-defence weapons including pepper sprays, gas pistols, flare guns, electroshock weapons and animal repellants. Germans are also applying for weapons permits in record numbers.

Germans who can see their country is no longer a safe place to raise children are leaving in record numbers. Over the last decade 1.5 million left, but with every year that passes, more and more will leave as their eyes are opened to the catastrophe that has befallen Germany. As events unwind, this exodus will accelerate rapidly.