Gov. Mike Huckabee: Trump Will Win Because America’s Institutions ‘Have All Failed, and Miserably’

Gov. Mike Huckabee: Trump Will Win Because America’s Institutions ‘Have All Failed, and Miserably’, by Matthew Boyle.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a former rival of 2016 GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump turned ardent supporter post-primary, told Breitbart News exclusively he expects a major Trump victory over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on election day on Tuesday. …

Asked about all of the scandal crashing down on the Clintons now, Huckabee was not surprised:

No surprises, other than just the sheer magnitude of it is a little bit stunning. When you have the Clintons shaking down foreign governments for hundreds of millions of dollars and enriching themselves to the tune of $150 million just in speaking fees—when it costs $100,000 to have a meeting with Bill Clinton and he’ll speak to your group for $750,000 — you go through all of these amazing ways in which favors from the government were sold, access to the government was sold to the highest bidder. How anybody thinks that any person associated with that should ever be near the White House is frankly beyond me.

Presumably it is all coming out now is because there are still too many people of integrity in the system, appalled at what they see, coming forward and leaking material and forcing people to act. Even if it meant their jobs or worse. They waited for the last moment, hoping the regular machinery of state would expose the Clintons, but that machinery had been too corrupted. Those people of integrity are the heroes here.

Huckabee had a similar message to Trump in 2008, perhaps too early to get enough traction:

Back in 2008, my message was ‘there’s a Washington to Wall Street axis of power.’ They win, and the rest of us lose. That was my primary message then, Donald Trump has certainly had a lot more attention with it. The trade deals haven’t helped the American worker. They’ve declined his wages. So has immigration. You mentioned the institutions—I’ll tell you I think most Americans believe that all of the major institutions of finance, media, government, entertainment, have all failed and miserably. The people at the center of those institutions have all done handsomely well. But the people who are supposed to be served by those institutions have been decimated. And so where the wealth of the few have increased dramatically, just the ability to exist on the part of most people has declined miserably.