Brexit has been HIJACKED and now only Ukip can save us

Brexit has been HIJACKED and now only Ukip can save us, by Nigel Farage.

No longer will the Prime Minister be able to act on the mandate of the British people. Instead MPs will vote on the triggering of the Article 50 process to leave the EU.

Instead of the will of 17.4 million Leave voters being implemented, establishment politicians in Westminster will talk, debate and determine what they think Brexit should look like.

We’ve already seen the likes of Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband stand up in Parliament and say that nobody voted to leave the single market, when in fact everyone from David Cameron to myself to Boris Johnson said exactly that.

It was perfectly clear what people were voting for: to leave the single market, for strong border controls and to take back control of areas such as our fishing waters.

Yet rather than accept the verdict of the biggest democratic exercise of our lifetimes, the establishment wants to stop proper Brexit being delivered.

Article 50 judge founded EU INTEGRATION group. One of the three judges who today ruled Article 50 must be triggered by Parliament founded a European law group working towards integration with Brussels.

hat-tip Stephen Neil