US election: Clinton cannot be considered the safe option

US election: Clinton cannot be considered the safe option, by Robert Gottliebsen.

It almost goes without saying that the US and global sharemarkets will fall sharply if Donald Trump becomes President. But there is a horrible fear starting to creep into well-informed press reports and warnings from share analysts that a Clinton Presidency might be just as bad for markets. Indeed it might be a lot worse. …

Obama to give Hillary a presidential pardon?

[T]he crisis likely to be created by a Clinton Presidency is now causing speculation in the US that the only way to allow a newly elected President Clinton to escape the legal ramifications of her email mess may be for President Obama on his last day of office to grant the new President Clinton a pardon for her email acts.

The irony is that 16 years ago on his last day in office, Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton issued a pardon for international fugitive Marc Rich. That action tarnished Bill Clinton for a decade. A pardon for an incoming President would also tarnish President Obama but given the Clinton mess it will be an option he will consider if she wins.

A Clinton presidency is looking unsafe:

This week the Wall Street Journal pointed out just how dangerous a Clinton Presidency might be:

“A few weeks ago Mrs Clinton was the “safe hands” candidate. If she wins, it now appears hers will be an embattled and investigated presidency from day one. Moderates will flee. Republicans will find it hard to co-operate with her.

“She will be forced back on the hard left of her party. The same who already are drawing up “blacklists” of potential appointees suspected of sympathy for the private sector.

“The same who hesitate least about using government power to attack enemies (see Exxon). The same who are most comfortable relying on administrative diktat to impose policies the public doesn’t support and never voted for.

“Her party’s most ferocious warriors will run the Clinton administration because they’re the ones willing to be most unhinged in savaging her enemies”

In other words, the hard-left bullies and crazies will run the US government. Turning up the volume on PC and socialism.