Clinton FBI

Clinton FBI. Two minutes on the latest news. This is on Fox: are the other mainstream media outlets running it? Note the verbal tone, the choice of hard hitting words, and the graphics. Imagine if Hillary becomes President.

Sadly Hillary is the worst US presidential candidate ever. Uniquely awful and unqualified. The wife of a popular president who hit the term limit — this would have once been called nepotism, but now they try to pass it off as feminism.

The left should have chosen another standard bearer — Biden, almost any Democrat governor, or almost any of the Democrat senators. Anyone would have been better.

The biggest question in the election is: how did Hillary become the Democrat presidential candidate? Somehow the Clintons intimidated or persuaded all the decent, talented Democrat politicians not to run — except Bernie Sanders, whom they probably regarded as a joke but nearly beat her anyway. Something odd happened, and it fits the pattern of corruption and intimidation that swirls around the Clintons.

hat-tip Philip Barton