A Saudi Princess In Paris

A Saudi Princess In Paris, by Hugh Fitgerald.

In France this September, a Saudi princess had her bodyguards seize her Parisian decorator simply because he took, as part of his work, a photograph of her flat. She then had him beaten and bound, threatened with death (“Kill the worthless dog!”), and forced to kiss her feet in a sign of craven submission. …

The decorator’s ordeal lasted four hours. He was finally let go, and he now has brought a claim against the princess, for not paying her bill to him, for keeping his equipment, and for holding him prisoner and beating him. Meanwhile, the Saudi princess skipped town, claiming “diplomatic immunity,” as so many well-off Saudi princes and princesses have done, since they are, after all, part of the vast ruling family, though their connection to actual diplomacy is non-existent.

Interesting, but definitely NOT NEWS on the mainstream media. Here is another banned topic — slavery in Saudi Arabia.

What did this latest display of Saudi cruelty and arrogance in Paris signify? It reminds us that “officially” slavery came to an end in Saudi Arabia, one of the last countries to abolish it, in 1962, and only because of outside pressure, but that the mentality remains.

In Saudi Arabia still, many servants must endure treatment close to the “slave” conditions that were supposedly abolished. Slavery is bound up with, and sanctioned by, Islam. Muhammad himself owned slaves, and whatever Muhammad did remains exemplary for all Muslims for all time.

Muslims emulate Mohammed, who owned slaves…

King Fahd expressed this mentality in 1993 when in Jeddah he famously said:

I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave.

So it would appear.

hat-tip Stephen Neil