Will James Comey Change the Outcome of the Election?

Will James Comey Change the Outcome of the Election? by Bruce Thornton.

Trump lacks the superficial patina of rhetorical decorum and sober demeanor that most modern presidents and candidates spray over their public personas in order to hide their private flaws and vices. Just ask Hillary’s various Secret Service details how wide the distance between public and private personalities can be. …

Why the US has descended to such awful candidates — it’s ultimately the media’s fault, as it increasingly reflects only leftist values.

[I]t’s clear that we the people have lowered the bar of acceptability for presidential candidates. This transformation happened decades before Trump and Hillary came along.

After Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury related to his sordid sexual depredations in the White House, his approval ratings were 73%. He left the White House with a 66% rating, higher than any president since Harry Truman, including Ronald Reagan. Think about it: the president who sexually exploited an intern and was impeached for perjury left office with higher approval ratings than the president who rescued the economy and tossed the Soviet Union into its own dustbin of history.

That was the inflection point for our political culture. No wonder that Barack Obama’s lack of any real-world experience or achievement, left-wing views, self-confessed drug use, friends like the anti-American racist Jeremiah Wright and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, and gaping holes in his biography were unimportant to 45 million voters.

So why now are we shocked, shocked that off-brand candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are vying for the presidency? Decrying these candidates is closing the barn door after the horses of virtue, wisdom, and decorum have already long gone.

Comey, criminality, a possible indictment — does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if the media isn’t there to report it?

So absent a smoking howitzer in the next WikiLeaks dump, Comey’s restart of the investigation … will probably not be the game-changing October surprise …, especially given a corrupt media’s studied indifference to anything that damages their candidate.

Then again, the rapid erosion of Hillary’s support is drawing analogies to Reagan’s late surge against Carter.

hat-tip Stephen Neil