Trump closer: How did Hillary get so rich?

Trump closer: How did Hillary get so rich? by Ed Morrissey.

The Clintons made several millions off of book deals, but made a lot more off of their connections to power and monied interests, including $57.5 million during the four years Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State. Donald Trump has occasionally made reference to this, but he’s making it an explicit argument in the final week with his new ad, “Corruption.” Washington Post analyst Chris Cillizza is impressed:

Trump made his money in the private sector (and a head start from his father); the Clintons acquired their wealth while in the public sector. Don’t forget that the Clintons had been in federal office continuously from January 1992 to February 2013, a period of twenty-one years, while they amassed a nine-figure net worth. Only a small portion of that came from book advances, while their speeches and especially Bill’s consultancy income derived almost entirely from Hillary’s status as a Senator and later as Secretary of State. (See Laureate Education for an $18 million example, where Bill was paid eight figures to be an honorary chancellor.)

What else can it be, except corrpution? Al Gore made more money, but that was after he left public employment and at least he gained it honestly, even if based on a mistake.