Hillary Clinton: It’s who you know

Hillary Clinton: It’s who you know, by Steve Sailer.

Hillary has survived in the national spotlight for a quarter of a century by boring her skeptics into apathy, and she may pull this off once again.

However to pull this off you need a compliant media to not ask penetrating questions or persist in bringing up inconvenient facts.

Sailer comments about several power couples and how those at the top in this current Clinton mess all seem to know each other, going back decades. Then:

It’s a small world at the top.

In contrast, in the mid–20th century, American culture trended against various forms of favoritism and inside dealing as being undemocratic. A general assumption of that long-lost era was that talent was now abundant enough that Americans didn’t have to put up with potentially self-interested personnel moves.

Insider trading, for instance, was outlawed in 1934. The Twenty-second Amendment of 1951 put a two-term limit on the presidency. In response to John F. Kennedy appointing Robert F. Kennedy his attorney general, a 1967 law outlawed nepotism in cabinet appointments.

But such ethical nitpicking seems outdated in the current year.

A key factor in the rollback of mid-20th-century scruples was the women’s liberation movement. Since heterosexual alpha females like Hillary are so often married to alpha males like Bill, one of the targets of 1970s feminist ire was the Depression-era anti-nepotism acts that prevented government agencies, such as public universities, from hiring spouses …

But fifty years later, Americans have been trained not to roll their eyes when a term-limited politician runs his wife for the same office. It’s not nepotism, it’s feminism.