Call for action to tackle growing ethnic segregation across UK

Call for action to tackle growing ethnic segregation across UK, by Anushka Asthana in the Guardian.

Politicians must urgently tackle the increasing ethnic polarisation of many of Britain’s towns and cities, according to a senior academic, as he revealed figures showing how rapidly the white British population had dwindled in urban “pockets” across England.

Prof Ted Cantle, who first authored a report into community cohesion after a series of race riots in 2001, said his new study showed that in the most extreme cases the white British population had more than halved in two decades.

He warned that segregated societies “breed intolerance and prejudice”, adding: “And we know the opposite is true – there is a huge amount of research that shows any form of contact does break down stereotypes.” …

But he said interviews he had carried out in recent years as part of the study had highlighted a sense among some white British people that an area they had lived in was “no longer for them”.

In one case a community cohesion officer in Yorkshire told Cantle he was the first Asian [Muslim] to move into a particular street and that within three years virtually every white British family had gone. “Some of those families made no bones about it, they said they are moving out because ‘they’ are moving in,” he said.

Note the annoying assumption that white people should be encouraged to stay, not that the ethnic minorities should be easier to live with. White natives must adapt to the newcomers, according top our global elite. Sure, like that happens when Europeans move to say Saudi Arabia.

hat-tip Matthew