Australia: I’m offended by Human Rights Commission, not Bill Leak

Australia: I’m offended by Human Rights Commission, not Bill Leak, by Kerryn Pholi.

Leak’s cartoon was informed by the Four Corners program and by related commentary, which included an opinion piece I had written for The Australian on August 2. …

It is entirely possible my remarks could have caused an Aboriginal person to feel “racially offended or insulted”. So why is Leak in trouble while I am not?

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is arbitrary and inconsistent — perhaps for some political agenda?

[A] number of other commentators with critical things to say about the state of Aboriginal affairs — such as Gary Johns and Jeremy Sammut — have not yet been the subject of a Soutphommasane community service tweet, as far as I know.

Soutphommasane would do well to issue some community education tweets to clear up all this confusion over who is and is not a potential offender under s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, because right now it all seems terribly imprecise and arbitrary.

Pay attention HRC: an aboriginal is offended, by you!

I, too, have some unhappy Aboriginal feelings that the AHRC may have a duty to address under s18C of the RDA.

Firstly, I feel offended by the suggestion that a “race” I belong to is so much more emotionally fragile than the broader populace that we require special protection from any hurt feelings that may arise from discussion of matters relating to us. As an autonomous adult, I object to being infantilised simply on the basis of my race.

I am also offended by the suggestion that an Aboriginal person would never wish to be exposed to offensive or insulting commentary, and that we would see nothing but good in a law that effectively suppresses robust and honest public discussion on Aboriginal issues. …

Furthermore, I feel insulted by the insinuation that I would need or want a bunch of public servants to deal with an offensive remark or rude picture on my behalf. The thought of Soutphommasane riding in on his white horse and smiting Leak, ostensibly in defence of our injured Aboriginal dignity, is almost too embarrassing for words. …

It appears s18C, along with the Human Rights Commission, has caused me to feel insulted, offended and humiliated as an Aboriginal person. Where should I take my complaint?

hat-tip Barry Corke