Apartheid on the streets of Blackburn: How political correctness killed integration

Apartheid on the streets of Blackburn: How political correctness killed integration, by Paul Baldwin.

Blackburn was today named in a report on ‘community cohesion’ as one of the most segregated towns in Britain.

The findings came as a shock to everyone except the people of Blackburn. Some areas of the town are 95 percent Asian and some shopkeepers have never served a white person.

Many locals feel that over a handful of decades Blackburn, and many nearby northern towns, has been sleepwalking to ghettoization, separation and nothing short of a neo-apartheid.

The ‘system’, social, political, religious and judicial has seemingly failed this town on every level.

Fear of offending the Muslim minority and political correctness, which values  multiculturalism over integration, is cited by many Blackburners as the twin poisons which created this ill-at-ease, two-tier town.

Interesting story by the journalist:

“WHAT the f**k are you doing?” asks a Muslim youth at the wheel of a shiny black BMW.

And right there, in one agressive, and obviously threatening question, three days of good work by well-meaning Islamic and non-Islamic authorities to promote a picture of decency and harmonious integration in this struggling northern town is fatally, for me at least, undermined.

What the f**k I am doing in fact is taking an iPhone snap of a Muslim clothes shop. I have just interviewed the charming, helpful female owner and the snap is to serve as an aide memoir. …

It seems too much for the 22-year-old behind the wheel of 20 grand’s worth of flash car. He feels the need to confront. …

There’s a white stranger in this young Muslim’s community and he f***ing well wants to know why. …

Naseem (not his real name – almost none of the young Muslim males I spoke to over three days would give me their names, usually citing ‘mistrust of the media’ as their reason) said the Islam practised in Blackburn is a “purer” form of Islam than that of the mother countries.

He added: “Those places are weak and corrupted. They are westernised. Here we have a much purer form of Islam.”

It feels like something a member of the Hitler Youth might have blithely trotted out about the Aryan race in 1939 and I ask if I should be worried.

He laughs and assures me Islam is the religion of peace and that he hates “the Caliphate”.

This feels like progress until he immediately proceeds to tell me how last week he threatened two white men with a bottle in a Preston restaurant because they seemed to look disparagingly on the Islamic clothing he was wearing. …

As we part he reminds me: “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world mate, there’s no stopping us.” The claim is delivered with the cocky terrace braggadocio of a football fan who’s club has just got a super-wealthy new backer and suddenly feels the Premiership is there for the taking. …

A generalization:

The younger men I spoke to … were, to a man, suspicious or brimming with barely-contained aggression.

Of course testosterone-fuelled young men all over the world have a distinct tendency to hot-headedness, but there is no doubt these boys are consciously flexing their Muslim muscles – and they seem to believe they have a holy book telling them they can do just that, indeed they have a duty to do so.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil