Sweden on the brink? Police force pushed to breaking point by violence amid migrant influx

Sweden on the brink? Police force pushed to breaking point by violence amid migrant influx, by Lizzie Stromme.

SWEDEN is on the brink of becoming a lawless state as the police force is losing the battle against unprecedented levels of crime and violence amid a growing migrant crisis.

The Scandinavian country is facing an existential crisis with on average three police officers handing in their resignations a day. …

The Swedish police force has about 20,000 members. A year ago, 8 out of 10 were considering quitting due to poor conditions and low pay. At a rate of losing three officers a day, the police force will cease to exist in 18 years. The Swedish Army is almost non-existent now that the cold war has ended.

Since the migrant crisis began last summer, Sweden has been hit by a series of brutal crimes and violent incidents.

In 2015 alone Sweden, with a population of 9.5million, received over 160,000 asylum applications and the country is expected to take as many as 190,000 refugees, or two per cent of the population, by the end of 2016. …

But police have now admitted the force has reached breaching point as more than 50 areas in the country have now been placed on a “no-go zone” list. …

Now the Police Association have said they need at least 200 new officers to regain control in the south-east of the country.

Sweden imported third world Muslim immigrants in large numbers, fancying itself as a “humanitarian superpower.” On a per capita basis, Sweden imported far more “refugees” even than Australia (now 19,000 per year), which is one of the world leaders.

Predictably, it’s all turning bad. Low trust immigrants who persist in their third world ways and stubbornly adhere to a totalitarian political ideology from seventh century Arabia that denigrates outsiders were never going to behave like productive, high-trust Swedes, share with Swedes, or even tolerate Swedes.

Will Sweden be the first Western country to be conquered by Muslim invaders in centuries? Will Sweden become a third world country? Will the new invaders allow the Swedes to live, or merely treat them as second class citizens? Will Swedes now emigrate? Or will the Swedes change direction before that happens?

See Swedes and Germans told there their old way of life is not coming back: get used to the immigrants and suck rocks, and The EU is on a suicide mission. Do we want to be a part of it?

UPDATE: It’s Happening already: Record numbers emigrating from Sweden, by The Local (a Swedish newspaper).

A record number of people emigrated from Sweden last year, with double the amount leaving the country compared to 30 years ago.

Citing figures from state-funded number crunchers Statistics Sweden (SCB), newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that 55,830 people emigrated from the Nordic nation in 2015.

That is even more than during the height of Swedish mass emigration to the US in the 1800s, when poverty-stricken Swedes left in pursuit of a better life. The largest amount of people to leave in a single year during that time period was 50,786 in 1887.

UPDATE: ‘We destroy & vandalize things out of frustration’: Migrant in Sweden admits to setting cars on fire, by RT.

A refugee in Sweden has said it is “clear as hell” that young people like him are behind a spate of car arsons across the European country, blaming it on the failings of the Swedish society.

In a letter penned to the Swedish VLT newspaper, the unnamed young man blamed discrimination from those in power for making him and others like him feel unwelcome in the country. …

Police have “abused their power” the way they treated him, he claimed, adding that such humiliation made him “really depressed.”

“Already at an early age I became a man who was treated differently. Sometimes it was because of ethnicity, sometimes because we were at a certain place, and sometimes just because those very people with the power messed with us,” he wrote, adding: “So many times I had been propped up against the wall and strip-searched in front of my loved ones.”

But it wasn’t just the law enforcement who allegedly made his life miserable, he said.

“The older adults in the area look at us as if we are animals or abnormal,” the man wrote in his letter, adding that he felt the lack of resources for a normal living in his area. While other neighborhoods had cafes and recreation centers, his local sports ground did not even have lighting, he claimed. “The semi-broken football pitch has actually been unplayable for over two years.”

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