Labor MP Wrote Income Inequality Book Using Unpaid Interns.

Labor MP Wrote Income Inequality Book Using Unpaid Interns, by Alice Workman. Canberra’s very own academic MP Andrew Leigh has admitted to using unpaid interns to help write his books about the dangers of inequality to society.

“Labor have criticised the PaTH programme, specifically the internship component, despite many Labor MPs (and Greens for that matter) using interns in their own political offices,” a spokesperson for [Employment minister Michaelia Cash] told BuzzFeed News.

“Labor MPs seem to appreciate the value of internships themselves yet deem businesses using interns as ‘exploitation’ – hypocrisy writ large.”

Awesome hypocrisy from Dr Leigh here:

Not paying them is something he says he’s “worried about a lot”, but having a completed an “eye-opening” internship aged 16 he hopes his internship program will provide insights into democracy that students can’t get any other way.

But, he added, interns contribute to less than 1% of the output from his office, and aren’t productive enough to justify the taxpayer paying them.

The main argument against a minimum wage is that it is often too high to be justified for less productive people, thereby locking people out of the workforce and causing unemployment. Funny how people like Leigh are conservatives about their own business but progressive when interfering in the business of others.