Donald Trump gave a very, very good speech today in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump gave a very, very good speech today in Pennsylvania, by Chris Cilliza. Yep, that’s the headline that appears in the Washington Post, which is second only to the New York Times  as a bastion of PC in the US. The media are starting to sing a different tune — could it be the polls?

Trump ended — and, yes, one of the big pluses of the speech is he didn’t go on and on and on — with his strongest point: He is fundamentally different from the people who have been elected president in the modern era.

“I am not a politician,” Trump said. “My only special interest is you, the American people. The guiding rule of the political class in Washington, D.C., is that they are looking out only for themselves. They will say anything, and do anything, to cling to their power and prestige at your expense. I’m running to change and reverse decades of failure, and to work with the American people to create generations of success.”

That is an absolutely perfect message for this I’m-mad-as-hell-and-I’m-not-going-to-take-it-anymore electorate. People want change desperately. And almost no one believes Clinton represents that radical change — or anything close to it.

Oh now the PC journalist pretends to get it:

What struck me most about the speech — aside from how well written and delivered it was — was that it laid bare how simply Trump could have constructed a winning message in this campaign. Cast Clinton as the status quo. Make her own every policy and every controversy of the previous Clinton and Obama administrations.