Democrat corruption tripped up by technology: Weiner’s emails likely include EVERY SINGLE email, including all the ones deleted by Hillary

Democrat corruption tripped up by technology: Weiner’s emails likely include EVERY SINGLE email, including all the ones deleted by Hillary, by Karl Denninger. Discussing the IMAP and Exchange email protocols in very wide use today:

Both of these protocols will sync any folder they are told to monitor and can be told to pull local copies of emails.  By default both will typically do so on a desktop or laptop environment because WiFi is usually available and it has enough bandwidth to make that efficient.  Mobile devices sometimes are configured to only grab email headers by default but increasingly, with 4g service, they’re set up to get full messages too, sometimes including all attachments.

The reason to do this is that it is a lot faster to search messages locally than over the wire, and it’s convenient to be able to search messages. In addition pulling full copies (including attachments) allows you to work offline (when there’s no WiFi or other network available), and then re-sync when you get back in range.

Here’s the problem for Hillary — when the server had emails deleted and then was “Bleached” it had already been taken offline and was never returned to service. As such the laptop client would have been unable to connect back to it and thus it would never be told to remove anything.

This means that the odds are extremely high that all of the deleted emails to which Huma was a participant are on [Weiner’s] computer.

Every. Single. One.

If that examination shows that work product, or worse, classified information was sent and/or received and the evidence intentionally destroyed via the “Bleachbit” process then everyone involved is cooked.

Remember, the claim was that the emails deleted were nothing more than yoga chat and similar; all “personal” content that the government had no right to and implicated no national security interest.

Further, Huma claimed twice (once during her exit from State, and again under oath when questioned) that she had turned over all devices that might or did have US Government work product on them and had retained no copies.

If that is proved to be a lie, or worse, proof of felony conduct such as influence peddling or (God forbid for them) something like the rumored link to Epstein’s Lolita Express is found in those archives then a whole bunch of people are going straight to prison not only on the original acts evidenced in the emails themselves but also on felony obstruction of justice and perjury charges.

Yes, folks, this is a very big deal because it is the first discovery of a computer that appears to have been sync’d against the Clinton server but was neither tampered with or destroyed, and thus it likely contains all of the pertinent evidence to which Huma was a part.

Which is why Comey had to reopen the investigation at such a dramatic time. Remember, the Clinton emails only numbered in the tens of thousands, but 650,000 emails were found on Weiner’s machine.