Ukrainians shocked as politicians declare vast wealth

Ukrainians shocked as politicians declare vast wealth, by Alessandra Prentice.

An anti-corruption reform requiring senior Ukrainian officials to declare their wealth online has exposed a vast difference between the fortunes of politicians and those they represent.

Some declared millions of dollars in cash. Others said they owned fleets of luxury cars, expensive Swiss watches, diamond jewelry and large tracts of land — revelations that could further hit public confidence in the authorities in Ukraine, where the average salary is just over $200 per month.

Corruption is one of the big factors distinguishing the first and third worlds. Unfortunately it is becoming more common in first and ex-second world countries. The global elite thrive on it, in one form or another. In the West, hordes of bureaucrats pay themselves what they think they are worth out of taxpayer money, while the rest of us live under the discipline of the market. For instance, that nong who runs the ABS and stuffed up the census so dramatically is on $700k per year, while many of the ABC personalities are on $300k per year or more, with Tony Jones on even more because he is the best at interrupting.