Top 7 Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face While President

Top 7 Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face While President, by John Hayward.

The odds of justice actually catching up with Hillary Clinton dwindle to almost zero if she gains the White House. She might have to sacrifice an aide here and there, but if the political system of 1998 couldn’t remove her husband from office for blatant perjury, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly bring The First Woman President down in the even more corrupt and confused political system of 2017.

1. Perjury: All those false statements under oath about emails.

2. Obstruction of Justice: Her perjury was to hold back documents she didn’t want Congress to see. She subverted the Freedom of Information Act.

3. Bribery: Among others, there is the donations from Clinton friends to FBI official, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

4. Pay for Play: Selling favors from the US fro donations to the Clinton Foundation.

5. Illegal Use of a Nonprofit Organization: The Clinton Foundation violates the laws for charitable organizations.

6. Racketeering: Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has recently observed that Hillary Clinton’s abuse of the State Department looks an awful lot like a “racketeering enterprise,” which could trigger the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1971, more widely known as RICO.

7. Fraud: Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel has been building a case that the “Clinton Charity Network,” as he calls the complete system of Clinton operations, has committed “charity fraud of epic proportions.” In part, he refers to discrepancies between donor accounts and the Clinton Foundation’s books.