Liberals Scold Non-Endorsing Celebrities

Liberals Scold Non-Endorsing Celebrities, by Brent Bozell and Tim Graham.

The liberals at Esquire magazine asked a question almost no one else is asking in the last weeks of this campaign: “Why Are Influential Celebrities Remaining Silent This Election?” As if anyone is thirsting for more political utterances from people who are best known for their acting or singing or joking?

Esquire’s Mark Miller was overtaken by panic: “A shockingly large number of Americans are prepared to make a reality TV star the ruler of the free world. Celebrities literally have the attention of millions of adoring fans at their fingertips, and it’s hard to deny these people’s influence.”

Taylor Swift NYFW 2016

Taylor Swift

Miller cannot abide celebrity neutrality: “Maybe these artists are protecting their brand? F— that! If their brand means to sacrifice the very values that make them human and a contributing member of this society, then they live a sad, hollow life.” Notice how the unabashedly immoral and dishonest Clintons are equated automatically with humanity and compassion.

Too much politics is never enough for the PC crew. For them, it’s total war.

Miller then lists uncommitted celebrities with very large followings in social media – singers like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, athletes like Cam Newton and Phil Mickelson, actors from Tom Cruise to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Liberals always get mad when celebrities don’t get involved in pushing for liberals to get elected.

See Madonna pledges oral sex for Clinton voters.