I said nothing wrong: Wilders tells trial

I said nothing wrong: Wilders tells trial, by Anthony Deutsch.

Dutch anti-Islam opposition leader Geert Wilders said he had done nothing wrong in a statement read out at the start of his trial on charges of inciting discrimination and hatred of Moroccans. …

“It is my right and my duty as a politician to speak about the problems in our country. Because the Netherlands has a mega Moroccan problem,” he said in the statement read by one of his lawyers on Monday. …

Under Dutch law, no formal plea is entered. But Wilders has denied the charges — one of discrimination and another of inciting hatred of Moroccans — and has argued he was only saying what his constituents think.

So the real crime is what people think. A thought crime. We have “free speech,” but the PC want to ban expression of what people think. And the PC call themselves “progressive”, whilst omitting most history from school curricula.

He was acquitted of inciting racial hatred in 2011 after he called for the Koran to be banned and for “criminal” Moroccans to be deported.

The Netherlands’ 400,000 Moroccans make up about 2 per cent of the population.

hat-tip Stephen Neil