Social Justice vs. Truth: A look at the university’s new mission

Social Justice vs. Truth: A look at the university’s new mission, by Jack Kerwick.

Jonathan Haidt, a professor of social psychology at New York University, argued in a recently published essay that while its traditional “telos” (end or goal) has been truth, within the last few decades the university has assumed another: Social Justice.

The university, however, can only have one telos.

The conflict between these two goals has raged for decades, Haidt claims.   Last year, though, it became unmanageable when student groups at 86 universities and colleges around the country issued “demands” to administrators, demands for Social Justice that, by and large, were met.

Postmodernism and social justice warriors (SJWs) are on the forefront of rolling back the Enlightenment and transforming the West into pre-Reniassance societies more akin to the third world:

[I]t’s painfully obvious that these student activists did not come up with these demands on their own.  If they didn’t have their professors actually write the demands for them, then the Black Liberation Collective unquestionably derived the concepts and language of their statement of demands from their mentors.

To put it bluntly, one must attend college, major in the liberal arts and humanities, and study under far left professors in order to think in the terms that are characteristic of Social Justice Warriors.

Leftist ideologues are training their students to bend the university to their will.

hat-tip Stephen Neil