The ‘hidden’ Trump vote becomes a formidable force

The ‘hidden’ Trump vote becomes a formidable force, by Jenifer Harper.

Despite media hysteria and a daily influx of polls, a persistent conversation has emerged about the huge, hidden population of Americans who could suddenly step forward and vote for Donald Trump. It is a powerful, unknown factor with much potential — and one which makes Democratic strategists plenty nervous.

There are no standard ways of measuring this demographic. They could be evangelicals, dispossessed working-class folk, or disenchanted fans of Sen. Bernard Sanders and third party candidates. They could be small business owners, doubting Democrats, active-duty military, veterans, bikers, patriots, law enforcement personnel, seniors who remember another America, or impoverished millennials. Second Amendment fans and pro-lifers are certainly part of the hidden vote. No one knows the precise demographics, though there will be insight in future exit polls.

All of them, however, found something to like in Mr. Trump, and their motivation is paramount. National polls have consistently revealed that Trump voters are more passionate and engaged than those who favor Hillary Clinton.

The enthusiasm gap between the candidates is palpable. And as Steve Kates asks, if you were a Trump supporter would you even tell your friends?