The GOP Establishment Would Have Sabotaged A “Sane Trump” Too

The GOP Establishment Would Have Sabotaged A “Sane Trump” Too, by Brad Griffin.

If only Donald Trump hadn’t been such a crazy, thin-skinned, moral lout who holds the Constitution in contempt, THEN we could have supported him! Maybe.

Mushy moderates think alike: Rod Dreher is out with “The Tragedy of Trump” praising New York Times token conservative Ross Douthat for saying “The dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency are more familiar than Trump’s authoritarian unknowns …” ..


But wait a minute. I find my mind circling back to Patrick J. Buchanan, a devout Christian, a long-time conservative, and a loyal Republican who endorsed Bob Dole in 1996 and George W. Bush in 2004. Buchanan was a truly creative political thinker who wrote the Donald Trump playbook on immigration, free-trade, and foreign policy — and he was excommunicated from the cult of #TrueConservatism for opposing the disastrous Iraq War.

Then, after Pat Buchanan, there was Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, who was a very different messenger, but one who carried Buchanan’s torch on foreign policy. Ron Paul wasn’t as strong as Buchanan on immigration or free-trade, but he was the Mr. Constitution of 2008 and 2012. Like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul carried none of Trump’s character baggage on women, morality or religion, but he was STRONG on the Constitution.

How did all of these [#NeverTrump] born-again constitutional conservatives respond to Ron Paul’s candidacy at the 2012 Republican Convention? They crushed him. …

Pat Buchanan was caricatured as a Neo-Nazi anti-Semite, Ron Paul as a crazy wild eyed kook, and Mike Huckabee as an unacceptable cornpone welfare-stater.

Unlike John McCain, Mitt Romney and ¡Jeb!, none of these “Sane Donald Trumps” were acceptable to the classical-liberal, self-anointed “governing wing” of the Republican Party.

The Republican establishment is too used to feeding off the crumbs from the table of the politically correct and big government, and actively fight less-PC conservatives.

Trump has been fighting a two-front war since May—the war against Hillary Clinton and the Left, and the war against #NeverTrumper conservative intellectuals and hacks in his own party.

Trump’s struggles from the convention through the general election have been due to a single demographic: college educated, suburban White Republicans, especially women. These people voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. They voted for ¡Jeb!, Rubio and Kasich in the Republican primaries. This is the 25% of the Republican Party who have refused to back Trump or have panicked time and time again whenever some new story roils the news cycle.

#NeverTrump still has a lot of influence over these Establishment-oriented voters. Their strategy has been to throw gasoline on every small fire in the news cycle in order to panic these voters into fleeing from Trump. …  Trump’s “fellow Republicans” come out and slam him and make these stories a far bigger deal. …

Whose side are they on? By their actions, many in the Republican establishment are on Hillary’s side. Paul Ryan is even married to a liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, big government George Soros supporter who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice.

October 8, 2016 was The Day The Republican Party Died. That was the day of the #NeverTrump coup in which1/3 of the Republican Senate and 1/4 of all elected Republicans publicly abandoned him.

It was a historically unprecedented betrayal – never before in American history, not even during TR’s short-lived Bull Moose Party in 1912, had more elected members of one party deserted their own nominee.

The utterly predictable result of the #NeverTrump coup was the party split that showed up in the polls. That event altered the whole trajectory and tone of the race. …

Conservatism, Inc. has thrown down the gauntlet: either support ¡Jeb! 2020 or Rubio 2020, the candidate of the minority neo-liberal globalist “governing wing” of the GOP—or else.