Sign the petition: Australian Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs must resign

Sign the petition: Australian Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs must resign, by Tim Andrews.

The latest revelations of her misleading parliament are the last straw.

Professor Triggs, who earns a $408,000 a year annual package as President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, is unfit to hold office.

In the last three years she has not just mislead parliament. She has:

  • Allegedly misled parliament AGAIN over the “illogical, irrational and ­patently bizarre” persecution of QUT students under s18C in what Tony Morris QC stated “might well be regarded as a calculated deception”.
  • Led a Human Rights Commission which denied the human rights of the QUT students: despite spending 14 months on the complaints, they only told the students days before proceedings commenced, ensuring no time to get legal advice or achieve a resolution before the case escalated to the Federal Court.
  • Potentially breached Federal Law in improperly delegating her role to others regarding the QUT complaint, and conducting no inquiry despite this being a requirement of the legislation.
  • Delayed a children in detention inquiry until after Labor left office (and tried to cover it up) – and released a report that was described as “incendiary, inaccurate” and with multiple claims that do “not withstand scrutiny”.
  • Verballed then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison claiming he said the opposite of what he in fact said.
  • Recommended $350,000 in compensation for a refugee who beat his spouse to death with a child’s bicycle, and $910,000 for five detainees including those who faced criminal charges for being involved in the Villawood riots.

Over a thousand signatures so far.