O’Keefe Videos Really Are Clinton’s Watergate

O’Keefe Videos Really Are Clinton’s Watergate, by John Derbyshire.

Democracy Partners is a progressive consultancy group. Their website says they offer “cutting edge strategies for progressive values … We tell stories, create narratives, use powerful symbols.” The word “progressive” here of course means Cultural-Marxist: Hostile to everything customary and traditional, hostile to law enforcement and national sovereignty, globalist, open borders, anti-white, radical feminist, the whole CultMarx package.

One of the partners in Democracy Partners, and instrumental in founding the outfit, is a chap named Robert Creamer. He’s married to Jan Schakowsky, who represents … the northern districts of Chicago. … Creamer … is “stepping back” … from involvement in work that Democracy Partners is doing for Mrs. Clinton’s election campaign, paid for by the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. ….


So why is he stepping back? Well, conservative activist James O’Keefe — the one who exposed the ACORN community-organizer group back in 2009 — had sent people to Democracy Partners posing as potential donors and wearing hidden video cameras.

O’Keefe got footage of Creamer explaining his dirty tricks to O’Keefe’s people under the illusion they were sympathetic listeners. Creamer explains, for example, how he gets around voter ID laws to register illegal aliens as voters. …

O’Keefe ran the same sting operation against Foval [a contractor to Democracy Partners], and recorded some juicy quotes about his methods for advancing the Clinton cause: fomenting violence at Trump rallies, for example, and even hiring mentally ill people to get the violence started. …

Media/Democrats ignore it.

Mrs. Clinton and the DNC are feigning indignation over all this, and the Main Stream Media is of course covering for them.

It’s hard to argue with the video-recorded evidence, though. …

Now here’s the punchline. Robert Creamer  — the guy who’s stepping back from assisting the Clinton campaign, the guy who did time for a federal felony conviction, the guy boasting about registering illegal aliens — this Robert Creamer has been a frequent visitor to the White House.

How frequent? Very, very frequent. From November 2009 to June this year, Creamer visited the White House 340 times. That’s an average of once a week, every week for six and a half years. …

Forty-five of those visits were for meetings with Obama, average seven times a year. I bet there are cabinet officers who don’t get that much time with Obama.

If these were Republicans:

I am now going to say the obvious thing: If we were in a Republican administration, and a Black Ops guy like Creamer was making weekly visits to the White House for six years, and then was caught on tape bragging about his illegalities, that would be front page news for months. Like … Watergate.

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