More German craziness: 13 y.o. boy who refused to enter mosque with class is fined

More German craziness: 13 y.o. boy who refused to enter mosque with class is fined, by Online Focus. (Translated from German.)

A 13 year boy refused to go with his school class into a mosque in north Germany. His parents feared “religious indoctrination”. No one should be forced to enter a place of worship, they argue.

The school chose to interpret the boy’s absence as “truancy”. So the parent will now be prosecuted and will face a fine of €150 (AUD 225) plus legal costs.

God forbid that a Muslim would be asked to do anything against their rather comprehensive religious beliefs, however.

Germany in the late nineteenth century was considered the most advanced and refined culture in the world — but now it meekly surrenders to seventh century Arabic culture. Such is the power of the political correctness disease.

A reader comments, somewhat tangentially:

I see that Australian prosecutors are now going after Cardinal Pell, for presumed pedophile crimes 40 years ago.

The British police made an investigation about suspect pedophile Edward Heath, after he was dead for 10 years. It was just a Blairite trick to defame the memory of a former Tory leader.

Do you know that Heinrich Himmler created a special force in the Gestapo 1933 to prosecute Catholic priests for pedophile crimes, as a way to undermine the catholic church in Germany?

On the other side, the Nazi regime had excellent relations with  Moslem leader Amin el Husseini, Grand mufti of Jerusalem, and Arafat’s uncle.