The State of the World

The State of the World, by David Archibald.

A generation ago it was thought that a permanent peace had settled on the world. Respected historian Francis Fukuyama called it “the end of history” and put out a book of that name. Another historian, Samuel Huntington, was of the opinion that the end of the ideological conflict with communism would mean that more traditional demons would be unleashed — civilizational and tribal conflict. It turns out that Professor Huntington was the prescient one and the pace of conflict is picking up.  Let’s look at the state of play.

Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington

Huntington reckoned the most important borders were between the nine civilizations

Hillary Clinton is one of the most venal creatures ever to seek the presidency of the United States. Beyond her amorality, criminality and so on, Mrs Clinton hates ordinary Americans, according to the chairman of her presidential campaign. …

If her opponent in seeking the presidency wins, he will be learning on the job. He has foreshadowed making US allies shoulder more of the burden of mutual defense. He has said that he would understand them acquiring nuclear weapons in doing so. And so it shall come to pass. Expect a lot more nuclear-armed states at the end of the first term of a Trump presidency.

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