$38,000 cash for each lucky voter plus a chance to shame the Nats

$38,000 cash for each lucky voter plus a chance to shame the Nats, by Marian Tomsey.

Resurrected Western Australian Nationals leader Brendon Grylls is standing firm. Deluded, but standing firm.

He’s demanding that a future government deliver on the scheme he proposed on his return to the top job back in August to slug the major miners with a $5.00 per tonne iron ore tax, a 20 fold increase on the 25 cent iron ore levy they already pay.

Grylls’ cunning plan would make Western Australia the highest taxing jurisdiction for iron ore in the world with a rate three times that of Brazil, the state’s biggest competitor. …

Now, a new group is standing in their way. They’re calling themselves Royalties for Voters.

These enterprising folks have crunched the numbers; divided the amount Grylls thinks he can raise by the number of electors in the parts that have enjoyed the Nationals’ largesse and calculated that the $4.75 hike in the iron ore production levy would be worth $38,000 for each and every non-metropolitan voter over the four-year life of the next government.

They’re attempting to register as a party ahead of the election set for March 11 next year, but time is running out.

Still, if you’re an eligible West Australian and want to stake your claim to 38 grand – or just think the state’s mercenary Nationals should be taught a lesson about geese and golden eggs – you can head over here and put your weight behind Westralians Royalties for Voters $38,000 Cash.

If you are a West Australian voter, consider registering to give this party a chance. To rerun some of the post from last week:

Western Australian Political Party. Some people I know are starting a party to protest the iron ore tax and big government, suggesting the proceeds of the new tax instead be simply given directly to rural voters. They now have a website, where there is form for registering the party. …

There is a proposal to increase a component of iron ore royalties from 25 cents per tonne to $5 per tonne. This $4.75 increase amounts to $38,000 per non-metropolitan voter over four years. The $38,000 should be paid direct to each voter in cash or card. Instead of being wasted by politicians on what politicians want.

The party is provocatively named “Westralians Royalties For Voters $38000 Cash.” There are no other policies. …

Western Australia

UPDATE: “Royalties for Voters” — WA political party offers $38,000 to each voter to expose just how big the government grab is, by Joanne Nova.

A new party is forming in WA in time for the state election next March. It’s skeptical, and very cheeky, and as The Spectator says “a chance to shame the Nats”.  Where the Nats offer Royalties for Regions, but the new party wickedly offers Royalties for Voters. …

What if voters could choose to keep the funds themselves instead of  giving bureaucrats a blank cheque to spend it on their behalf? Our pollies casually toss around billions of our dollars and Royalties for Voters plans to expose just how big those sums are. Hands up who wants $38,000?

Yes, it’s naked vote buying — a cynical protest, taking what all the other parties do to its logical conclusion.

Join for free online in 1 minute  http://www.royaltiesforvoters.com.au/

How many voters would rather have $38,000 to spend themselves and donate to local causes they believe in? Hmm. Real democracy starts with the freedom to vote with our wallets — every spending choice is a vote on the kind of lifestyle and priorities a voter prefers.

So this is a very anti-establishment, small government themed party.

The fledgling party needs 500 bonafide members to get off the ground, and it needs those names by this Sunday Oct 31. The form can be done online … All details are secure and protected by law. There are no costs to join, and in the tradition of the oldest democracies, any member can tick a box to get the chance to be selected to be a candidate.  (Salary for the Legislative Council in WA is $156,000 if the urge strikes you to run. )