US donors funding activists to shut down Australian mines, ports and rail, approved by Hillary’s right-hand-man?

US donors funding activists to shut down Australian mines, ports and rail, approved by Hillary’s right-hand-man? by Joanne Nova.

The Australian has been busy exposing how the supposedly grassroots anti-coal groups in Australia are being funded by the US and with the full knowledge and approval of John Podesta, who used to be a special counselor to Barack Obama and is now Hillary’s campaign chairman. Thanks to Wikileaks for the info.

Restrictions needed on overseas charities funding legal battles

The US money was designed to bankroll a strategy developed five years ago by green activists to “stop Australia’s coal export boom”.

The focus of these efforts was to “run legal challenges that delay, limit or stop all of the major infrastructure projects (mines, rail and ports)”.

A particular priority was to stop the Adani coalmine in central Queensland that would employ up to 10,000 Australians and provide high energy, low impurity coal to India, where 300 million people still do not have access to electricity.

And Hillary wants us to believe that Trump is “risky” and “unpredictable” for foreign relations? This kind of industrial sabotage is a good way to hobble the competition — though playing mean and deceitful with your dedicated allies usually works better if done from secure computers, eh?

For Hillary it’s such cosmic bad luck that she keeps  employing people who brag about deplorable, dishonorable and even criminal actions in emails and on video. A pack of cheats. …

The emails show that the funders included the Sandler Foundation, the Sea Change Foundation, the Tilia Fund, the Growald Family Fund and the Flora Family Foundation.

In other words, the legal challenges have not come from Mackay, Bowen or Townsville or from local landholders.

Instead they have come from Boston, Boulder and Berkeley from vanity pose foundations uninterested in the double digit unemployment rates in northern Queensland towns or energy access in India.

Green activists keep looking more and more like useful idiots for big money, and in this case, for foreign interests. These are true international grade suckers who help to keep people unemployed in Australia, and keep millions of children in poverty in India while they try to stop the sea rising with windmills.