The ABC’s Q&A Accidentally Allowed Some Interesting Truth

The ABC’s Q&A Accidentally Allowed Some Interesting Truth. Tony Jones obviously expected former CNN political director Christine Dolan to bash Trump, but she instead pivoted to how corrupt the media and political elite in the US have become.

The media in the US has changed. … The problem is this. Over the course of the last eight years, that we have government officials threatening journalists, that we have journalists not doing their jobs in terms of coverage.

She notes that each Wikileaks dump is met by a new Trump chick, noting the bias:

The timing is something people should be very concerned about …

People are as mad as hell … We have a collusion of our government. There is no accountability, no IRS accountability, no congressional accountability. There is money on politics that’s off the charts … Today it is an issue. …

Do not follow our lead in terms of politics, and do not follow our lead in terms of the fourth estate. Because we are losing morality and courage in terms of covering holding and politicians accountable.

And at the that point Jones cannot change the topic fast enough.

Like many, I now longer watch Q&A, because the bias is too affronting and over the top. You could probably form a political party from people who have felt like throwing a shoe at the tv showing Q&A.