Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas

Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas, by Paul Joseph Watson.

Residents of at least two cities in Texas are complaining that they voted for Donald Trump only to see the voting machine switch their ballot to Hillary Clinton.

Early voting for the 2016 presidential election started yesterday for people in some areas who have been given the opportunity to avoid the long lines on November 8.

Two examples:

However, in Amarillo, a woman was shocked to see her ballot flip from Republican to Democrat.

“Gary and I went to early vote today,” wrote Lisa Houlette on Facebook. “I voted a straight Republican ticket and as I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed that the Republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted!” …

Meanwhile, in Arlington, Texas, another voter reported a similar experience.

“I had a family member that voted this morning and she voted straight Republican,” wrote Shandy Clark. “She checked before she submitted and the vote had changed to Clinton! She reported it and made sure her vote was changed back. They commented that It had been happening.”

Many reports of machines changing a Republican vote to one for Clinton:

Social media forums are also ablaze with concerns about votes being switched.

“Multiple reports on my Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat, and Twitter from my friends in Texas, and all of them had their vote switched to Clinton automatically,” one post on The Donald Reddit is headlined.

This is trouble:

The reports are alarming, especially given the fact that the media, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and even President Obama himself have all attempted to dismiss Donald Trump’s concerns about vote rigging as a baseless conspiracy theory.

This is going to be bad, no matter which side “wins”. The public are being told by the media that Hillary basically has it won, with polls showing her up to 12 points ahead.

So Democrats are going to feel robbed if she does not win, and the outrage will pour onto the streets. The left are accustomed to screaming and protesting to get their way, so they will.

But Republicans see the huge enthusiasm gap, and polls which point to a small Trump lead. They are mindful of the possibility of vote fraud — which reports such as above are going to fuel, big time. A small loss would see them suspicious and furious. Conservatives don’t usually protest, but there might be mass disobedience or strikes.

An election is a mock civil war — count the numbers on each side to see who would have probably won if it was a real fight.

Losing is normally bearable because you get another chance in a few years, and in the meantime the bureaucracy is basically fair and there is no oppressive division of spoils to the winners. Maybe not this time however. The bureaucracy is no longer as fair, discriminating increasingly against conservatives and, via permanent affirmative action, whites and males. There are hints from the left that they will change the rules and reinterpret the constitution to suit themselves, and even more immigrants are changing the electorate leftwards and non-white, possibly permanently. The left say Trump is Hitler, which justifies almost anything. Not good.

Why now? Thirty years ago the left lost their big economic argument, namely socialism or communism, with Reagan, Thatcher, and the fall of the Soviet Union. The militant left then turned to a strategy of tribalism and identity politics, balkanizing once-cohesive societies into groups competing for spoils via race, gender, sex, etc. On top of that they imported many third world voters, and embarked on environmentalism to hurt the mainstream. So short sighted.