Noonan in WSJ: Trump “Was, as They Say, Declaring That He Didn’t Want to Invade the World and Invite the World.”

Trump is a bit insane, but maybe that’s what the situation calls for, by Steve Sailer. From Peggy Noonan’s article:

Since I am more in accord with Mr. Trump’s stands than not, I am particularly sorry that as an individual human being he’s a nut.

Which gives rise to a question, for me a poignant one.

What if there had been a Sane Donald Trump?

Oh my God, Sane Trump would have won in a landslide.

Sailer: “Perhaps, but would Sane Trump have bothered to take on the world?”

Sane Donald Trump, just to start, would look normal and happy, not grim and glowering. He would be able to hear and act on good advice. He would explain his positions with clarity and depth, not with the impatient half-grasping of a notion that marks real Donald Trump’s public persona.

Sailer: Perhaps, but it could also be that Trump’s lack of verbal fluency contributes to his aversion to the conventional BS.