Mocking Social Justice Warriors

Mocking Social Justice Warriors, by Kathy Shaidle.

I enjoy mocking social justice warriors as much as anyone, but doing so also makes me feel ever-so-slightly guilty because I suspect some of these whiny loons actually have legitimate grievances. …

The trouble for all of us is that, being leftists, SJWs compulsively lie about what they’re actually angry about — a compulsive and spectacularly annoying liberal quirk that’s prompted incalculable waste and heartache.

Was Mattress Girl really raped by whatshisname? Evidently not. Same with the Rolling Stone rape hoaxer. But…I have a feeling they, and many of their less notorious counterparts at campuses around the country — male and female — were sexually victimized when they were much younger, possibly by a family member.

My personal experience of childhood sexual interference, and my observation of others, have taught me two things: that it is almost physically impossible for most people to speak of these experiences in anything but the vaguest terms, out of a combination of fear and shame; and therefore, victims will often channel their frustration and confusion into destructive actions. …

If you’ve ever thought, observing campus crazies from the hippies on up, that they’re mad at their daddies about something, you might have been closer to the truth than you know, or want to.