Hungary must fight ‘Sovietization’ of Europe by defending borders against refugees – Orban

Hungary must fight ‘Sovietization’ of Europe by defending borders against refugees – Orban. By RT.

The leader, who has been a vocal opponent of EU refugees quotas, went on to state that “we cannot allow Europe to cut the roots that made it great and helped us survive the Soviet suppression. There is no free Europe without nation states and thousands of years of wisdom from Christianity.”

Orban once again affirmed his strong anti-migration stance, saying “we must close the border to stop the mass migration that flows from the south.”

The leader’s statements received boos and whistles from some members of the crowd, who drowned out his words with jeers. Brawls broke out between his opponents and supporters as a result, according to Reuters.

Viktor Orbán, Hungary, Prime Minister, Sept 2016

‘Man of the Year’: Anti-immigrant Hungary PM Orban honored in Poland for policy impact, by RT.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, known for his tough stance on the refugee crisis, has been given the ‘Man of the Year’ award at an economic forum in Poland for his impact on shaping Central European policy. …

Earlier, the Hungarian PM also vowed to start a “cultural counter-revolution” within the union and to pursue a radically different vision of the EU …

Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for us. We are at a historic cultural moment,” Orban said, adding that “there is a possibility of a cultural counter-revolution right now.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil