US election: Hillary Clinton’s sophisticated sexism includes backing Islamism

US election: Hillary Clinton’s sophisticated sexism includes backing Islamism, by Jennifer Oriel.

Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead the free world. She is riding the gender card all the way to the White House. But her record on women’s human rights is abysmal.

Clinton’s sexism is not the locker room lewdness of Donald Trump. Hers is a higher order misogyny. It is done in deals with Islamist states over the bodies of the world’s most oppressed women. Trump is a sexist, but Clinton’s sexism is systemic. It targets women who can’t say no. …

By objective standards, Clinton’s claim to champion women’s human rights is a lie. The “Islamist Money in Politics” list shows that in the 2015-16 financial year, Clinton topped the list for donations from Islamist individuals and ­organisations. …

One example of the apparent alignment between Clinton and Islamist donors is her open border fanaticism. Recent speeches ­reveal her commitment to ­porous borders is ideological and contrary to the welfare of women, and citizens of the free world more broadly. … The deleterious effect of opening borders is evident in Europe, where even Leftist groups have begun to acknowledge the propensity of many Islamists for sexual violence against Western women and girls.

Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, not a mere religion. For instance, the penalty for leaving Islam is death. Based on seventh century Arabic culture and frozen in time (the Koran is the word of God dictated by the archangel Gabriel to Mohamed, so is not up for later reinterpretation), it is hard to imagine an ideology more antithetical to modern feminism than Islam.

Yet Hillary both portrays herself as a feminist and as a supporter of Islam.

Clinton is a sophisticated sexist. The Clinton Foundation has done deals with Islamist regimes that are the world’s worst abusers of women’s human rights. She takes campaign donations from groups that vilify and censor survivors of brutal ­Islamist culture, including female genital mutilation. Her donors ­include Islamists who advocate sharia law in America, the ­destruction of liberal democracy and the subjugation of women under Islam.

Hillary Clinton is no friend to women. She is, in my view, a misogynist in feminist clothing whose allegiance to Islamists poses a significant threat to the enlightened women of the free world.

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