Trump Will Go Away, but the Anger He’s Stirred Up Is Just Getting Started

Trump Will Go Away, but the Anger He’s Stirred Up Is Just Getting Started, by Joel Kotkin.

Don’t gloat, progressives. Your candidate is going to win, but she’ll have no mandate and millions of enraged people who dislike her, and your, agenda and values. …

The global elite scorn those who produce real stuff:

Exacerbating this cultural and class discussion is the growing division between the coastal and interior economies. … [T]he country is split fundamentally by how regions makes money. The heartland regions generally thrive by producing and transporting “stuff” — food, energy, manufactured goods — while the Democrats do best where the economy revolves around images, media, financial engineering and tourism.

Energy is the issue that most separates the heartland from the coasts. The increasingly radical calls for “decarbonization” by leading Democrats spell the loss of jobs throughout the heartland, either directly by attacking fossil fuels or by boosting energy costs. Since 2010, the energy boom has helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the heartland, many of them in manufacturing. At the same time, most big city Democratic strongholds continued to deindustrialize and shed factory employment. No surprise then that the increasingly anti-carbon Democrats control just one legislature, Illinois, outside the Northeast and the West Coast.

The global elite rule culture, for now:

The one place where the progressives seem to have won most handily is on issues of culture. Virtually the entire entertainment, fashion, and food establishments now openly allied with the left; the culture of luxury, expressed in the page of TheNew York Times, has found its political voice by identifying with such issues as gay rights, transgender bathrooms , abortion and, to some extent, Black Lives Matter.

In contrast, the Republicans cultural constituency has devolved to a bunch of country music crooners, open cultural reactionaries and, yes, a revolting collection of racist and misogynist “deplorables.”