If EU leaders can be so wrong on Russia & Syria, no wonder the bloc is in crisis

If EU leaders can be so wrong on Russia & Syria, no wonder the bloc is in crisis, by Finian Cunningham.

Russophobic rants by some European Union leaders and their willful distortion of events in Syria is a reflection of why the 28-member bloc is careering toward disaster. We are witnessing a crisis of appallingly inept leadership.

German, British and French leaders were among the most hawkish voices at the EU leaders’ summit in Brussels this week, denouncing what they claimed were Russian “war crimes” in Syria and calling for additional economic sanctions on both Moscow and Damascus. …

This came only days after Belgian F-16 fighter jets reportedly killed six civilians in the Aleppo countryside, adding to a catalog of illegal aggression committed in Syria by French, British and American warplanes bombing the country without any legal mandate. …

Also, Merkel, Hollande and Britain’s May have little to say about recorded “cruel, inhumane, sickening” massacres in Yemen committed by the Saudi coalition bombing that country. Their silence no doubt is owing to the fact that their governments sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Saudi regime even as it slaughters women and children in Yemen.

It is published in RT (Russian Today), but even so it is a fair point. And whose side is the West on in Syria anyway? I read the news but it is hard to even discern a consistent goal.

hat-tip Stephen Neil